...parents and children learn together through shared life in both home and school
— Dr. Katharine Whiteside Taylor

PCPI is a non-profit international council dedicated to the family and the community.

PCPI represents more than 50,000 families and teachers, providing on-going support to families, educators, and social agencies who recognize the value of parents as teachers of their children and the necessity of educating parents to meet the developmental needs of their children. Membership is open to schools, councils, libraries, and individuals.

PCPI supports and encourages...

  • Parent involvement,

  • Parent participation, and

  • Parent education in early childhood education programs.

The birth of PCPI was the natural outgrowth of the spread of cooperative preschools. From their beginnings in 1916, cooperative preschools have sought ways to share information and resources.


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PCPI needs your support. We are a volunteer-run association and we would like you to help us in our work supporting cooperative preschools. And, we believe that once you get to know us and our passion for cooperative preschools, you will find your time with PCPI very rewarding.